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Top 5 Benefits of Swaddling Your Baby

Top 5 Benefits of Swaddling Your Baby

When a baby is swaddled, their arms and legs are safely tucked into a blanket, mimicking the safe and cozy sensations they felt in the womb. You can recreate those comfortable feelings for your newborn by swaddling them when they are upset or when it’s time for them to sleep.

5 Reasons to Swaddle Your Newborn

Swaddling provides several benefits for your baby and the rest of the family. Here are five of the top benefits of swaddling your baby.

1. Helps baby fall asleep

The thought of being tucked so tightly that you can’t move your arms and legs might fill you with anxiety. But, for babies, being snug in a swaddle is the best way to fall asleep. That’s because it brings them back to their time in the womb. They feel as though they are being lovingly touched and cradled as they drift off to dreamland.

2. Keeps baby safe as they sleep

Swaddling your baby helps ensure they stay on their back all night long. This is essential for preventing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Babies who are properly swaddled will not be able to roll over on their tummies.

3. Prevents scratches

Your newborn’s tiny nails can be powerful weapons against their tender skin. Swaddled babies can’t move their hands during the night and accidentally scratch their faces.

4. Helps baby learn to self-soothe

Babies typically wake up during the night for various reasons. Sometimes, they’re hungry or need a diaper change. Other times, they simply want to be comforted. When they are correctly swaddled, babies feel as if they are being cradled and can calm down faster without needing mom or dad to pick them up. Thus, babies can self-soothe and get back to sleep sooner, giving mom and dad a few more minutes of much-needed rest.

5. Prevents the startle reflex

Newborns experience what’s known as “the startle reflex.” Essentially, they become startled as they sleep and throw their hands and feet out. Naturally, this can disrupt their sleep and cause them to wake up crying. But when they are being swaddled, babies are unable to accidentally hit themselves when they are startled awake. Instead, they can soothe themselves back to sleep and sleep longer than babies who are not swaddled.

Swaddling Safety Tips

Here are some ways to keep your baby safe when they are swaddled.

1. Use a breathable fabric

A breathable fabric is essential for preventing your baby from getting too warm in their swaddle. Bamboo is a fantastic fabric for swaddling. In addition to being breathable and allergen-free, bamboo is incredibly soft. Your baby will love the gentle feel of bamboo on their skin.

2. Keep your swaddled baby on their back

After swaddling your baby, make sure to always place them on their back for safety. Never place a swaddled baby on their stomach, as they will be unable to roll over.

3. Keep your baby’s face clear

Make sure your baby’s face is free of fabric when they are swaddled so they can breathe easily and comfortably.

4. Avoid getting too snug

You want your baby to be snug while still having some wiggle room. They should be able to move their hips and legs while staying swaddled.

5. Give your baby room to move during the day

Swaddling is excellent for babies at night or when they’re fussy. Just make sure to give them plenty of time to stretch and move when they’re awake!

Try a Goosewaddle Bamboo Muslin Quilted Blanket

At Goosewaddle, our products are parent-approved and mom-designed! Our designer, Tina Weldon, uses inspiration from her son Bear. As a baby, Bear was always the happiest when he was snuggling with his softest blankets.

Your baby will also find comfort and happiness with a Goosewaddle bamboo swaddle just like Bear. These oversized swaddles make it easy to tuck your little one in for the night while leaving room for natural body movements. 

The gentle bamboo fabric is safe for newborn skin and durable enough to grow with your child through toddlerhood. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and absorbent to ensure your baby doesn’t overheat during the night.