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Why Plush are Vital in Childhood Development

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Why Plush are Vital in Childhood Development

Where there is a young child or baby, there is more than likely a soft plush or stuffed animal not far away. Soft plush provide comfort, companionship, and a sense of security to babies and toddlers. Often, they are one of the first relationships a baby forms outside of their own family members. 

When you think of a plush friend, you often associate it with it being a regular and common toy for babies. But - it is so much more than that. Through plush and stuffed animals, babies and children can learn personalization and relationship skills. Giving it a name, creating a personality for it, learning to care for it, and so much more. 


After bonding and forming a relationship with their plush, children begin incorporating plush into their everyday play. From here, babies and children will start using their imagination, a vital skill in childhood development. They will often mimic actions made by their parents. This begins to pave a way for independence in a baby or toddler.

Tactile play is a vital part of childhood development. Whether it’s learning to grasp onto an object or teaching a child to self soothe, these are all important skills babies need during their developmental years. GooseWaddle plush are designed in various colors, patterns, and soft fabrics ensuring they will bring years of comfort and play.