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How Pello Keeps Babies Safe and Secure

How Pello Keeps Babies Safe and Secure

We’re thrilled to welcome Pello to the Goosewaddle family. This luxury floor pillow isn’t like any other pillows on the market and does not have the same safety hazards that have been recently revealed about other brands. 

Instead, the Pello offers a safe, warm, and secure space for your baby to explore their world. Best of all, it grows with your family, so you can use it well after your baby has mastered the art of sitting up on their own.

Here’s everything you need to know about what the Pello floor pillow is and how it will keep your baby safe.


What is the Pello floor pillow?

The Pello floor pillow is a soft floor pillow with a unique donut design that protects your baby on all sides. It keeps babies safe when they are lying down, rolled over for tummy time, learning to crawl, or practicing sitting up independently. 

Pello was designed by a mom who needed a safe place for her twin babies to practice sitting up. As a busy mom, she included several features that make life easier for parents.

Each Pello pillow has a peek-a-boo pocket along with handles and loops to make it easy to carry from one place to another. You can also attach your baby’s favorite toys so they can easily access them without losing them. Using the loops, you can even connect play arches to the Pello and turn your baby’s favorite pillow into a jungle gym.

Plus, these pillows are washable, so you can take them outdoors without worrying about getting out stubborn dirt or stains. You can also buy accompanying washable GooseWaddle blankets that you can toss in the laundry whenever you need without taking your baby away from the Pello itself.

Pello products are manufactured in the U.S. and have multiple patents that ensure they are the only pillow of their kind on the market. In addition, they come in a variety of fun colors and designs to match your baby’s unique personality and style. Finally, they are warm and cozy, making them ideal spaces for all babies, including those with sensitive skin.

How to use the Pello

There are several ways to use the Pello for your baby. The first is as a safe space to lay your baby down when they need to relax. Simply lay your baby face up in the center of the Pello. They will feel surrounded by cushioned support that feels like someone is cuddling them. This is helpful for times when your baby wants to be cuddled and you need extra hands! 

In addition, babies that struggle with acid reflux can get relief when they are placed in the Pello instead of directly on the floor because their heads will be at a slight angle. This can help them with digestion and keep them from feeling uncomfortable. The cushioned sides of the Pello will keep them safe at all times, making the Pello a gentle place to put your baby when they are done eating.

Another way older babies use the Pello is as a practice space for sitting up and crawling. Babies can practice crawling into and out of the Pello, relying on the cushioned sides for support. They can also practice sitting up on their own, knowing they have a safely cushioned place to fall. Both of these activities encourage muscle development for your little one and can help them get stronger.

Because it’s so lightweight, the Pello is exceptionally portable. You can take it with you on vacation, when visiting family, in the backyard, to the park, on your next playdate, or anywhere else. You may even consider getting an extra one to keep at Grandma’s house. That way, you’ll always know your baby has a safe place to lay down to relax, play, or practice sitting when they need to. 

The Pello is not designed for newborns. However, babies as young as three months can safely use the Pello, and it will grow with them as they get bigger! Toddlers and kids can continue using the Pello as a comfortable place to lay down, sit, read, or play video games.

How Pello Protects Your Baby

You might have seen news stories about the dangers of other floor pillows designed for babies due to the recent Boppy recall. Tragically, several infants have died in recent years after suffocating when they fell asleep on pillows made by other brands. These unfortunate accidents are due, in part, to a design flaw that makes it possible for an infant to get stuck when they fall over.

Pello’s design is different from other pillows designed for babies. It is cushioned for comfort but also has support that keeps babies from falling into the pillow and potentially suffocating. 

When you place your baby in the middle of the Pello, they are supported on all sides, including underneath them. So, if they happen to fall over (which they almost certainly will), they will be supported and will still be able to get back up and try sitting again.

As with other types of pillows, Pello is not meant for babies to sleep on. Instead, it is designed to be a safe, comfortable space for babies to rest and play while remaining close to a supervising adult. 

As with other products, make sure your baby is never left unattended on their Pello. While the Pello is designed for safe playing and relaxing, it is not meant to be used in place of a crib.

Try a Pello for Your Baby 

Your baby deserves the best. Pello pillows are designed to support your child as they grow from an infant to a toddler and beyond. The Pello is an excellent investment for parents and makes a beautiful gift from loving grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends.

We understand you may be concerned because your current pillow has been recalled. You can rest assured that your baby will be safe with a Pello. Shop our store to find a Pello for your little one.

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